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Eden's Garden

Animal Handling Parties and displays

Health,Hygene and Safety

Before Eden's Garden was allowed to trade, I needed to submit a business plan to the Council.

This was to establish Health and Safety and credibility of the business. This was dually passed.

Trading standards were involved for the safety of both participants and animals- again passed successfully.

I am first aid trained, insured and have my disclosure with the council.

Insurance document can be viewed, please ask if required.

I am very particular with hygiene-especially with the animals and children. I do require ,that at parties, food must be consumed before handling and I do a group 'good hand washing' routine at the end of my visit using wipes/ antibacterial gel and insist on washing with soap and running water after animal handling.

Any child bringing food over or consuming food during display will be asked to leave display whilst eating and to wash hands before returning.

of the creatures are vet registered and will be checked routinely.

Any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.